Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Sympathy Card

Two words that should never go together. Baby-Sympathy.  My son's teacher has a close friend that lost her baby boy during delivery.  I offered to make a card for her to give the family. I normally can make a card in 10-25 minutes, this one took me an hour. Yes, it has a simple layout and hardly any stamping... but I couldn't decide if a bow was appropriate etc. etc.  Hopefully you never have to make a card like this, but thought I would share it anyway.  I also want to make a few pet sympathy cards with the Papertrey Ink Pet Sympathy stamps.  Whenever I need a card like this I seem to not have time to make a specialty card, and then I feel like it's too late to give one when I have time.  You know? 

Since my card was a "downer" today.... hope this picture brings a smile to you today!  This is a cute picture of my 7 year old son.  He had his adenoids removed last week.  He was fully recovered a few hours later.   We have had quite the hard time telling him No sports, No bikes, etc.  The Dr. said 2-3 weeks with NO P.E, NO Recess.... we might cheat a bit.


  1. :( Baby sympathy. I hear you. I have a good friend who got to 40+ weeks and they couldn't find a heartbeat. :( It breaks my own heart.

    Beautiful card, Wendy - so very thoughtful. I hope the family is able to find peace soon. :(

  2. That's so sad :( You're card is very lovely, and your son is a cutie :)

  3. Oh darling photo! I am glad he did so well. Wendy, your card is beautiful and the recipient will be very appreciative. Incidentally, I love the bow. :)

  4. Oh my...what a difficult card to make! You did a beautiful job! So sweet of you to volunteer to make it. :)